10ml/ 0.34 FL OZ.


This blend is made with 100% Essential oils, its made up of exotic and rich floral, pure and calming aroma . This blend would leave you feeling cool, calm and collected. 



Geranium: A powerful emotional balancing oil, may reduce the feelings of stress, sadness, anxiety and tensions. 

Helichyrsum: May help with burnout and exhaustion

Mandarin: Calmative, soothes nervousness and enlighten mood

Sandalwood: Helps create mental clarity, calms the nervous system and may help reduce anxiety. 

Lavender: Helps with Fatigue, mental exhaustion, stress and mental distresses. Medicinal use for pain and oral care.  

Chamomile: Powerful Calmative, Helps with depression, reduces pain and supports nervousness.




Calm Essential Oils Blend

  • Geranium, Helichyrsum, Mandarin, Lavender, Sandalwood, Chamomile 

    100% Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils only.

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